Baby Steps (The Last of Firsts)

Okay, I have to admit I’m one of those moms that refuses to admit that her babies are growing. Even though I decided just yesterday that Scarlett is ready for more solid foods, (just noticed she has several teeth)! I am by no means a lazy mom, (hey, we all have our days admittedly). I just never wanted to take a closer look. By taking a closer look would mean that I am actually admitting that she is growing.

Scarlett is the last. YES! The last of six children. I never thought I would see the day, but am now in a way happy and heartbroken all at the same time. It’s bittersweet to admit that I am watching my last baby grow. It means watching the last of firsts. The first grin, that first time those tiny fingers wrapped around yours, (stealing your heart forever), the first giggle, first sleep through the night (praise the lord!), baby gibberish, crawling, first word, and first step. You see we put so time and effort into pushing our kids into doing these things that you just realize that one day it’s gone.

All of that pushing has resulted in this tiny person that may someday not need you. I know everyone out there is saying to themselves “but, they will always need me, they’re my baby!” However, they may never really need and depend on you as much anymore, at least that is our hopes. That is what all of our pushing and prodding is meant for right?

I mean don’t get me wrong at 13 months she amazes me and I am astounded everyday about the obstacles and insurmountable tasks she can achieve and overcome. But, in the last 13 years I never thought, this is the last time you get to see this! What many people fail to understand is that with each child there was just a pride and a sense of relief as each milestone was completed.

As a mom there are just moments that give you pure joy that you can never even begin to put into words. The first time you see that plus sign, the first heartbeat, the first movement, first kick, and then in the one moment love at first sight. Yes, this is the only time in my life that I admit that love at first sight does exist. There will be many more first and lasts yet to come; first day of preschool, kindergarten, proms, graduations but these days right here are definitely the sweetest and by far the most innocent and how do we as parents admit they are growing and learn to say goodbye to our babies being babies.

8 thoughts on “Baby Steps (The Last of Firsts)

  1. You’re awesome brandy!! I’m so excited for your blogging and happy I get to learn from you and everything you’ve been through! Miss you girl! I am looking forward to more!😘

    1. Thank You so much I am so excited to be able to share all of this with all of you. This has been the greatest thing I could have done because it not only allows me to remember their younger days but helps me to see how far we have come as a family.

  2. Thank you for sharing this Brandy. My children are grown but your post allowed me to go back in time and remember those very busy days when they were little. Those were precious days! I can tell you that even though my children are in their twenties and doing well, I love the fact that they still need us on a different level. Keep up the good work mom.:)

    1. Thank you so much! Glad that you enjoyed the read. Yes, I can’t believe how quickly they grow it still seems like yesterday I had my oldest. I hope you continue to stop by even for a quick laugh at the chaos I at times endure. 🙂

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